News: Avoid trapped arm while cuddling or spooning

Avoid trapped arm while cuddling or spooning

According to University of Minnesota scientists, "Harmonious sleeping is an acquired skill".

If you're a spooner or hands-on cuddler, you know nothing is less romantic than getting dead arm. VideoJug had it with their cuddling qualms and made this great video to help rescue the world from the plight of the trapped arm! It involves some British tact and planning to pull off a comfortable cuddle, so pay attention Yanks.

Click to play Avoid a trapped arm while cuddling in bed video (will open in new window).

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This is really nice : )


mmm, British cuddling is the best.

Roll we me baby!

Wat! Are u retarted!? Wats da diff. cuddlin is cuddlin!

HOW TO is nice

I like the superman for reading french poetry. awesome

Im learning loads........


that was pretty funny, but good tips

I liked the actors. This made me feel warm and fuzzy inside.... until the end at least.

this is a good guide

it does work, I tried with my teddy bear too.

hello, i want cute girl friend

cut off the blood flow to your arm? ummmm.. no... what happens is that nerves in your arm get pinched, blocking your arm and brain from talking... your brain thinks it's been chopped off, and numbs it... when you move it and yor arm starts talking to your brain again,. your brain has to make alive every nerve in your arm it though was lost forever.. the 'reboot' is what hurts... sorry, its a pet peeve of mine...

wrong you do lose blood flow to your arm, the burning pain or pins and needles is called reperfusion pain. You'll cut off circulation from pressure well before you pinch off nerves friend.

hug me!!!!

docnoc - uh, wrong. what are you thinking? you cut off the blood flow to your arm, cells die... quickly.. noone ever got gangrene from having their arm 'fall asleep'... doublecheck yer facts... :)

Hahah this is awesome.

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