How To: Get Rid of a Hickey Using a Battery

Get Rid of a Hickey Using a Battery

This how-to video is about how to remove a hickey with a battery. This is useful if you want to hide it from your boss, your mom, or even your girlfriend (shame on you, really).

You will need a standard AA or C size battery. You rub the hickey with the negative, flat side of the battery. You will need to do this firmly for a few minutes. Although it does not completely remove the hickey, this process does reduce the appearance of the mark.

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The best way I've seen is to rub spaghetti sauce or McDonald's ketchup. I've tried other ketchup but McDonald's is by far the best. It's very convenient because they come in "to go" packets. I don't know the science behind it, but it seriously works. If it doesn't remove the hickey completely, it kind of stains your neck so it blends in easier. Best of luck

Despite my plotical agenda, I've found chick-fil-a sauce to be the best remedy. Our labs say it's a mixture of honey mustard and BBQ . Do consider mercury is almost in metrograde so let's have fluid Ass month~~~

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