How To: Win over your mother-in-law

Win over your mother-in-law

Like it or not, she's one of the most important people in your spouse's life, so do what it takes to get her on your side.
You Will Need
* A respectful attitude
* Some of her recipes
* Shameless flattery
* Selflessness
* Gratitude

Step 1: Be respectful to her child
Be respectful to your spouse. Never, ever criticize, mock, nag, or otherwise abuse them in front of her.

If you really want to score points, thank her earnestly and often for raising such a special person.

Step 2: Ask her advice
Ask her for advice occasionally. It doesn't have to be stuff of tremendous importance; seek her counsel now and then on matters of less consequence to you.

Step 3: Request her recipes
Request her recipes for your spouse's favorite foods. Even better, ask if you can watch her make them.

Assure her that you'll never be able to make her recipes as well as she does!

Step 4: Add special touches
Do little things to make her feel special, like serving her favorite dessert when she visits or occasionally buying her a little gift just because it was something you thought she might like.

Step 5: Flatter her
Flatter her. The most effective way to do it is by passing on a sincere second-hand compliment, such as, "So-and-so always says she wishes she had a mother-in-law like you." She'll bask in the glow of people speaking positively about her and love you for telling her.

Step 6: Let them spend time together
Give her time alone with your spouse. It's the best present you can give any mom.

Fact: Research shows that people begin to get along better with their mothers-in-law as they approach their late thirties, and their relationships continue to improve into their 40s and 50s.

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