How To: Know if she wants to get married

Know if she wants to get married

Curious to know what she's thinking? These tips will help you figure out if your girlfriend wants to get married.

Knowing what to listen for and pay attention to will give you hints about whether she is ready for marriage – to you!

Step 1: Communicate openly

Communicate openly about the present and the future. If she expresses a desire to raise a family together, she is likely interested in marriage.

Step 2: Pay attention to attitude

Note what she says about marriage, and write it down. If the experiences and discussions are positive, she is likely open to it.

TIP: Pay careful attention to her past relationships with friends, family, and former partners.

Step 3: Count the conversations about marriage

Count the number of times she brings up marriage and family. If at least once every time you're together, she's ready.

Step 4: Pay attention to your discussions

Pay attention to your discussions with her about marriage. If you are both comfortable with the discussion, the idea of marriage is likely a welcome one.

Step 5: Notice how she reacts to behavior

Understand that if she isn't trying to change your behavior, she's probably ready to accept you as you are, and this means long term.

Did you know? The most popular marriage month in the United States is August, with 9.3 per 1,000 people.

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