How To: Interpret body language

Interpret body language

Knowing how to read someone's body language is like having your own personal lie-detector test. So start sussing out the truth today.

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helpful.. thanks!

Great pointers thank you.

Completely worthless (dis)information. Seriously, these people know nothing about body language. The expressions and mannerisms displayed in this video were all "cover" or "mask" expressions, meaning they are preformed by someone to convey an emotion they were not truly feeling. You ever go to a surprise party for some one and they walk in with their jaw dropped and hands on their face and that expression seems to last forever? That's because they knew bout the party but wanted to act surprised. True surprise, and I believe shock as well, expressions last about a second. For the most part we are highly intelligent beings capable of instant recovery and action if need be... with the possible exception of the retards who made this video.

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