How To: Foster trust in relationships

Foster trust in relationships

Trust is one of the most important aspects in a relationship. You can work on some trust building exercises and activities to strengthen your current relationships. Plus some of these activities are just fun.

When we trust someone, we risk getting hurt. Be sure the rewards of a trusting relationship outweigh the risks.

You Will Need

* Unilateral trust
* Happiness
* Face-to-face interactions
* Social bonding activities

Step 1: Extend trust

Signal that you are trusting by unilaterally extending your trust to the other person.

Handshakes and other forms of social touching promote trust.

Step 2: Make the other person happy

Try to make the other person happy. Happiness fosters trust and this fosters more happiness.

Step 3: Engage in face-to-face meetings

Engage in face-to-face interactions whenever possible.

Step 4: Participate in social bonding

Participate in activities that promote social bonding.

Some neuroscientists believe that the ability to trust in humans has a biochemical basis.

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