How To: Console your partner if they lose their job

Console your partner if they lose their job

Know the right thing to say – and do – if your loved one suddenly finds themselves out of work. This video will show you how to console your partner if they lose their job.

You Will Need

* Sensitivity
* A review of finances
* Intimacy
* Fun

Step 1. Be reassuring

Tell your partner that you have their back. Losing a job is frightening; your reassurance that you are in this together will go a long way toward making them feel safer.

Stay away from cliches like, "this will probably turn out to be a blessing in disguise!"

Step 2. Allow them time to grieve

Allow them a few days to wallow in self-pity without passing judgment. Like anyone else who has suffered a loss, someone who has lost their job needs time to grieve.

Encourage your partner to take a few days to regroup before plunging into a job search.

Step 3. Review your finances

Review your finances together to figure out how you can get by on a reduced income for a while. This will help lower both your stress levels.

Step 4. Initiate

Initiate intimacy. Your partner is no doubt feeling a loss of self-esteem; making them feel wanted, attractive, and loved will provide a big ego boost.

Step 5. Have some fun

Find low-cost or free ways for the two of you to spend time together and have fun. It will help both of your moods from sinking.

FACT: Four out of five of the 2.4 million Americans who lost their jobs in 2008 were men.

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